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Amazon Connect & Agyle Time

Amazon Connect is a strategic technology partner of Agyle Time with a deep level of integration between the two ‘born in the cloud’ platforms running on AWS.

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Amazon Connect customers in all geographies, and across all industries, can take advantage of:

  • Real time visibility of all contact channels in one place – Aggregate data from Amazon Connect, ticketing, chat, payroll, and HR to get a holistic view of operations
  • Consumption-based pricing that aligns with Amazon Connect’s commercial model
  • Reduced costs by having the right agents available at the right time to service customers, without overstaffing
  • Self-learning, accurate forecasting and flexible, smart scheduling – leading to an optimized workforce and a better customer experience

Agyle Time and Amazon Connect Architecture

Agyle Time - Amazon Connect Architecture

Why Agyle Time?

Easy to onboard and use

No specialist resources required to operate

Smarts are built in with AI and machine learning

Ecosystem friendly

Delivers rapid return on investment

Get a head start!

Start optimizing your workforce today

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